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Innovative, Industry-Altering Business Opportunity

Innovative, Industry-Altering Business Opportunity

Become A Zerorez Regional Developer

Zerorez® is disrupting the decades-old, $5 billion carpet cleaning industry.

Now is the time to join Zerorez®, either as a Regional/Area Developer or Franchisee. Zerorez has revolutionized the carpet and surfaces cleaning industry with our innovative and scientific approach to cleaning, and our obsessive commitment to customer satisfaction. Call now for more information: (317) 902-9995

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Zerorez Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 8132 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278 Varied
Review by Steve Colton, Owner, Zerorez Atlanta, Greenville, Columbia, Cincinnati, & Tampa

Building my Zerorez Franchise (like building any new business), has required a lot of effort, yet has been the most satisfying experience I have ever had! Like any great journey, there have been many people, both in and out of the Zerorez family, who have helped guide me along the way. As Robert Frost said, 'Two paths diverged…and I took one less traveled and that has made all the difference.' I love owning a Zerorez Franchise."

Regional Developer

Northern Indiana --- Ft Wayne and South Bend/Elkhart --- Regions/Areas Available

  • Become a Regional Developer/Area Developer. Territories available for Ft Wayne, and South Bend/Elkhart.
  • Regions available at "Historic" rates.
  • Or become a Franchisee.
  • Leverage the strong Zerorez brand already established and growing in Indianapolis, Toledo, Grand Rapids, Cincinnati and Louisville.

Get Started Now

Take the first step towards owning and operating a successful franchise with Zerorez.

Call Now (317) 902-9995
Zerorez Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 8132 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278 Varied
Review by Casey Ashdown, Owner, Zerorez Phoenix and Tuscon

Two powerful things about being a Zerorez franchisee is the relationship with other franchisees and the cleaning power of Zr Clean™️. The other franchisees are willing to help you be successful, and the Zr Clean™️ is part of the 'magic' that helps customers choose Zerorez each time they need their carpets and living surfaces cleaned.

Zerorez Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 8132 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278 Varied
Review by Anthony Holmes, Owner, Zerorez Puget

I had been looking into various businesses and franchises for several years before I decided on Zerorez. Not only was I impressed with the patented technological advantages and the strong commitment to service, I really felt like the corporate team put together a strong training program to get me up the learning curve as fast as possible.

Take The Next Step

Zerorez offers various franchising options—depending on your market size, available capital, and growth goals. Whatever the size, all Zerorez franchisees enjoy "protected territories" so you'll never have to compete with other Zerorez franchisees.

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