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What To Do Around a Cleaning

What To Do Around a Cleaning

The day has come! Your carpets are going to finally have that fresh, clean scent! Now you could just sit in a chair facing the door and awkwardly wait for your Zerorez technician to get there. Or…you could do some things that will help him get the carpets even cleaner.

First, move as much as you can off the carpets. While the technicians have no trouble moving smaller items like chairs and end tables, larger items can sometimes be too difficult for them to handle by themselves. 

Second, vacuum your carpets. Every technician uses a device called a Z-Lifter, which has counter-rotating brushes that dig into your carpet to pull up everything laying deep in the fibers. This allows for a better clean. But if there’s a lot of debris on the surface, then the Z-Lifter is not able to dig down as deep. And please, if you vacuum your carpets, remember to empty the canister frequently.

Then let your technician do what he does best. He’ll get your carpets back to a superior condition and leave you with some parting advice. Allow me to elaborate on that advice.

First, you should expect your carpets to be dry in 4-6 hours and the first room cleaned should be dry by the time the technician leaves your home.  The Zerorez process results in a faster dry time vs. other options.  Leave fans and your air conditioner running to help with this process. If it’s a humid or rainy day, keep those windows closed, because the moisture in the air will actually slow down the drying.

Second, know that the carpets are safe to walk on. They’re safe for pets, babies and barefoot spouses. Just make sure you’re careful when you move to a hard surface from the carpets, as it’ll be a little slippery.

Lastly, keep anything that’s wood or metal off the carpets until dry. Zerorez will use styrofoam blocks or plastic sliders under any furniture we move. Metal has a tendency to rust when wet, and that can ruin both the furniture and the carpet. Wood, on the other hand, tends to bleed when exposed to moisture, and trust me when I say that wood stains in your carpet do not come out. But if you do need to put things back, put something plastic – like saran wrap or plastic bags – down, and you should be okay. Stay clean, Indy.


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