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What to do About Allergy Season?

What to do About Allergy Season?

Removing Allergens from the Home

Allergies - Removing allergies from the home Each year, over 50 million people in the United States struggle with allergies complete with the dreaded allergy symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, congestion and itchy, watery eyes. That's one in five Americans is struggling with allergies- and many don't even know the cause of their symptoms.

What Causes Allergies?
Allergies are caused by the body's hyper-reaction to a perceived threat in the environment. These threats, known as allergens, give the body the illusion of being under attack causing a person's immune system to kick into hyper-drive. This reaction can be exhausting and draining for the allergy suffers as they muddle through, attempting to discern what is causing their reaction.

Allergens In The Home
Among allergy suffers, 20% are classified as having indoor triggers, dealing with symptoms caused by the build up of allergens and dander within ones own home. This means approximately 10 million people are suffering as a result of hidden causes in the home. Some may battle the symptoms with standard treatment such as medication and immunizations. These may provide some temporary relief but they don't address the causes- leaving your body surrounded by allergy triggers.

How Can We Help?
At ZEROREZ, we want to help protect you from the many dangerous allergens, dirt and dust mites that can build up in your carpet, drapery and upholstery. Just like changing your furnace filter, a regular carpet cleaning regimen will help keep allergens in your home to a minimum. Our innovative, green approach sets us apart, utilizing Powered Water for impressive results. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, this patented cleaning system rids the material of germs and bacteria, while extracting emulsified dirt others leave behind. Traditional carpet cleaners use harsh soaps, shampoos and detergents that leave dirt-attracting residues behind. ZEROREZ(R) relies on green, water-based technology to safely clean your fabrics, upholstery and carpets. The result: carpet that stays cleaner longer. You can be assured that our process is effective in helping to rid your living space of allergens and dirt, making for a safer and cleaner home. Also, since our cleaning methods keep carpets cleaner longer, ZEROREZ(R) is a sound investment. ZEROREZ(R) of Indianapolis is your resource for the carpet and upholstery cleaning you need, using one of a kind, eco-friendly cleaning methods. With ZEROREZ(R) Indianapolis, you'll feel good about choosing us and feel even better about the lasting results. Call today for a no pressure quote from a reliable, highly trained technician and say good-bye to indoor allergens and welcome to the ZEROREZ(R) difference.

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