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What is Powered Water?

What is Powered Water?

Perhaps you've heard about ZEROREZ, the revolutionary green carpet and surfaces cleaning system changing homeowner's idea of "clean" throughout the Indianapolis area. While fans of our company might site the seasoned technicians, the friendly customer service or the ZEROREZ cleaning, it's our patented POWERED WATER, with the ability to clean without high-residue soaps, detergents, shampoos or chemicals, that really sets us apart. So What Does POWERED WATER Mean?

POWERED WATER is enhanced water that is first electrolyzed and then oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without any harsh toxins or chemicals. When applied to carpets and soft surfaces via low-pressure spray, the POWERED WATER will loosen embedded dirt and clean carpets of germs, pathogens and bacteria. The emulsified soil is then removed, leaving behind just extraction water on the carpet.

How Does It Work For You? Standard steam-cleaning used on carpets and upholstery mixes hot water with soaps before spraying down the carpet or upholstery with the mixture. Then, a vacuum is used to remove the liquefied soap, dirt, and water. Inevitably however some of the blend remains behind. Then, as the soft fibers dry and the water evaporates, soap and chemicals are left behind in the threads and acts as a magnet for future dirt and stains. When you choose ZEROREZ you aren't stuck with soap, detergent or shampoo residue, accelerating the wear and dirt. Instead, when ZEROREZ uses our revolutionary POWERED WATER you can be assured your surfaces will dry quickly and without any sticky, crunchy leftover residue. And, not only will your carpets be clean, they'll stay cleaner longer. Give ZEROREZ Indianapolis a call today to experience the power of POWERED WATER for yourself. Once you see the difference, you'll understand what all the fuss is about.

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