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The Carpet-Tile Connection

The Carpet-Tile Connection

Have you ever taken a close look and noticed that dark line in your carpet right where it meets your hard surfaces? Sometimes it can be faint and almost imperceptible, but more often than not, it’s there. What is that?

Last time, I talked to you about how dirty your tile and grout can get, and how important it is to get them regularly cleaned. Now I’d like to expand out a bit to the area which surrounds your hard surfaces. As I previously mentioned, around this time of year, there’s the habit of stomping the snow, salt, dirt and mud off of your outside shoes onto the tile, and all of those different components mix into a dark slush which gets immediately absorbed into your grout lines, heavily discoloring them over time.

Unfortunately, things don’t stop there. You see, dirt and soil which sits on the tile is inevitably going to be tracked onto the adjacent carpet. And do you know what happens to carpet once dirt gets tracked onto it? All of those individual dirt particles not only get stuck in your carpet, but they start cutting and scratching the individual fibers, causing them to dull over time. We call this fiber damage, and once it occurs, it cannot be reversed. This is where you begin to see that dark line between the tile and the carpet; it’s actually the fibers of the carpet being damaged by debris which is tracked off of the dirty tile and grout.

Furthermore, dirt, dust and debris can be tracked from the carpet back onto the tile and grout, dirtying them. It’s a vicious cycle of dirtiness and damage.

Luckily, the solution is actually quite simple: get your carpet and tile regularly cleaned. Just like with carpet, the more often your hard surfaces are cleaned, the cleaner they’ll usually come out and the longer they’ll last. With carpet, you want to get a fiber protector applied to prevent those scratches and damage, and with your tile and grout, you’ll want to get a sealer applied, but I’ll tell you much more about that next time.

Stay clean, Indy.


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