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Tackle your Homes Most Common Stains

Tackle your Homes Most Common Stains

Oh no! You didn't mean to add color to your carpets. Yikes! But hey, mistakes happen. In fact, you can't predict when a mishap will occur. That's why we're giving you our best tips and tricks for when those "uh-oh' moments first occur.

Liquids (Juices, Wine, Soda):

We've all been there with an accidental beverage stain, especially during the holidays or a fun get together. So, what should you do if you get a beverage stain? ​

Do: Dab the surface area. The quicker you are able to apply light pressure with paper towels or washcloths the better. Gently blot until the stain is removed from the carpet. ​

Do not: Try to scrub away the stain. This only creates further damage by pushing the stain further into the carpet and damaging your carpet fibers. ​

Additional Treatment Option: A small amount of club soda is also okay when working with wine stains, but should not be overused. Just a little splash will do.

Animal Waste:

We love our pets like family. However, accidental bathroom trips can leave behind foul odors and unforgiving stains. So, what do we recommend?

Do:Remove all large surrounding pieces of waste that your animal leaves behind. Animal waste carries with it harmful bacteria that can spread around your carpet and home if not thoroughly picked up.

Don't: Attempt to dab the stain right out. While this may seem like the most viable option at the moment, leave it to dry overnight.

Do:Scrape up the remaining stain the next day. Since it has had time to dry overnight, this makes the cleanup process more manageable.

Additional Treatment Option: A solution of 2-3 drops Dawn dishwashing soap, 30 oz. of white vinegar, and 16 oz. of water can also be used for the additional stain treatment

Paint Stains (Water-Based Paints):

Forwhen school or art projects don't quite make it onto the white canvas. ​

Do: Blot and dab. Like any other stain, it's important not to cause further damage by rubbing it deeper into the carpet fibers. ​

Don't: Scrub the carpet. ​

Do: Let the paint soften before attempting to scrape it off with a sharp utensil or scrapper.

Additional Treatment Option: If the paint stain has already dried, use a small amount of dish soap to blot on onto the carpet. Then attempt to remove it with a scraping utensil.

Why a Professional cleaning is important:

A professional cleaning is vital to maintaining a healthy environment for your family. So even if you manage to get the stain out by yourself, you're still susceptible to an array of germs, toxins, and even spills that leak below the surface over time. Plus, did you know these can even lead to MOLD and MILDEW growth? Yuck! It's important that your carpets are professionally cleaned at least once a year, or more if you have kids, pets, or residents who suffer from dust-related allergies. But, why Zerorez?

The Zerorez Way
Zerorez is the ultimate solution for getting your clean and fluffy carpets back. Our Patented Powered Water™ is a non-toxic cleaning agent that works below the surface to eliminate all those stubborn wine, paint, and animal stains that nobody plans for. And since we don't employ a traditional water extraction method, your carpets dry faster and stay cleaner, longer!

With Zerorez, you can count on Insanely Clean™ carpets with no residue left behind -- that's the right way to clean™.

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