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One of Your Home's Greatest Filters

One of Your Home's Greatest Filters

Allergies are rough. Or, at least, they can be. Itchy skin, red eyes, sneezing, sneezing, more sneezing…when your allergies are causing you problems, it is not a fun time. But whether those sniffles are caused by ragweed or oak pollen, pets or hay or something else, there is one part of your home that helps you fight back: your carpet.

I know, it sounds weird to say that your carpet protects you from allergies. I mean, doesn’t your carpet hold a lot of those particles, making it all the more worse? Well, that’s true, but that’s also the trick. It holds those allergens, and because it does so, those particles are no longer floating around in the air and able to affect you. Basically, your carpet is like having whole rooms of air filters in your home.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s good to have normal air filters. They keep your heater and air conditioner running effectively and they protect your home from dangerous things outside. But they don’t stop whatever floats in through your front door or an open window. For that, you need carpet, which will grip that pollen and pet dander and hold it tight.

Interestingly enough, statistics have proven the effectiveness of using carpets as a filter. In recent decades, the going trend has been a shift to all wood and hard surfaces in the home. But right along with this trend, there’s been a spike in health problems. The reason: people have been removing one of their home’s greatest health benefits.

Here’s another way of seeing it. Think of schools. One kid gets sick, and pretty soon, everyone has what he had. While there are many factors to this, schools with carpeting have been known to slow down the spread of sickness because the carpets trap the invasive particles. On the other hand, when only tile and laminate flooring is present, those particles are constantly bouncing through the air looking for a new host.

So while carpets may take more effort to maintain, this is far outweighed by the health benefits. Just make sure to get them regularly cleaned by your certified Indianapolis Zerorez technician on a regular basis. You have to keep that filter pure if you want it to work, after all. Stay clean, Indy.


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